The 15th International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids
17th-18thSeptember 2019, Guangdong, China
Location: Guangdong Hotel 
 Add: 309 Dongfengzhong Road, Guangzhou, China.中国广州市东风中路 309
    Sep. 17 2019  
Location: Guangdong Hotel  Room: 2nd floor Zhujiang Room (3楼珠江厅)
Morning 9:00-9:05  Opening Session: Hai Zhuge
    Keynote Session (Each Keynote takes about 45 Min talk + 10 Min QA)
9:05-10:00 Toru Ishida, IEEE Fellow, Waseda University, Japan.   Interdisciplinary Education for Design Innovation (Chair: Geoffrey Fox)
10 min Tea Break  
10:10-11:05 Jiming Liu, IEEE Fellow, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong China AI for Social Good: Can AI Help Achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals? (Chair: Geoffrey Fox)
10 min Tea Break  
11:15-12:10 Yanchun Zhang, Victoria University, Australia.  Smart Health Sleep structure analysis and computer aided diagnosis of sleep disorders (Chair: Geoffrey Fox)
12:30 Lunch:  Ground Floor(二楼文华厅)  
    Keynote Session (Each Keynote takes about 45 Min talk + 10 Min QA)
Afternoon 14:00-15:00 Geoffrey Fox, ACM Fellow, Indiana University, USA.  Learning Everywhere: Machine Learning Delivers HPC. (Chair: Hai Zhuge)
10 min Tea Break  
15:10-16:05 Domenico Talia, DIMES Università della Calabria, Italy.  Programming Models for Scalable Data Analysis: Towards Smart Data on Exascale. (Chair: Hai Zhuge)
10 min Tea Break  
16:15-17:10 Qing Li, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong China Event Modeling and Mining for Explainable Events: a Plank Road Ahead. (Chair: Hai Zhuge)
18:00 Dinner:  Ground Floor(一楼溢翠廊餐厅)  
  Sep. 18 2019  
  Location: Guangdong Hotel  Room: 2nd floor Zhujiang Room (3楼珠江厅)
Morning 09:00-10:30 Session 1 (Chair: Jingqiang Chen)  
1 Loris Belcastro, Riccardo Cantini, Fabrizio Marozzo, Domenico Talia, Paolo Trunfio Discovering Political Polarization on Social Media: A Case Study
2 Diyawu Mumin, Lei-Lei Shi, Lu Liu An efficient algorithm for link prediction based on local information: considering the effect of node degree
3 Wuwei Huang, Genan Dai, Youming Ge,Yubao Liu Top-k Nearest Keyword Search in Public Transportation Network
4 Muhammad Umar Aftab, Zhiguang Qin, Kashif Hussain, Zakria, Ngo Tung Son, Nguyen Van Nam, Tran Van Dinh Negative Authorization by Implementing Negative Attributes in Attribute-Based Access Control Model for Internet of Medical Things
5 Zhiyong Luo, Qinghuang Deng, Guoxi Ma,Leng Han,Hongtao Liu IPSO: Improved Particle Swarm Optimization based Task Scheduling at the Cloud Data Center
6 Mabrouka BEN-SGHAIER , Wided BAKARI , Mahmoud NEJI Development of a Recognizing Textual Entailment Tool for Arabic Question/Answering Systems
7 Jiansheng Fang, Qingshun Guo, Huiyou Chang, Ming Yang, Wei Zhao, Yan Qin Knowledge Recommendation based on Item Response Theory
10 min Tea Break  
10:40-12:10 Session 2 (Chair: Bei Xu)  
1 Hafiz Muhammad Amjad, Kai Hu, Jianwei Niu, Noor Khan, Loic Besnard, Jean-Pierre Talpin Translation Validation of Code Generation from the SIGNAL Data-Flow Language to Verilog
2 Zhe Huang, Jiaxing Li, Jingde Cheng A Meta-database System Approach for Business Data Sharing among Multiple Target Databases
3 Lei Wang, Yongchao Wang, Huakang Li Sentiment Analysis based on Bi-LSTM using Tone
4 Yongchao Wang,Mengting Xu,Lei Wang,Huakang Li JEDoDF: Judicial Event Discrimination Based on Deep Forest.
5 Jinta Weng, Ying Gao, Jing Qiu, Guozhu Ding, Jiahui Luo Group-intelligence Construction of Linguistic-Humanity KG in Chinese Verses
6 Zakria, Jianhua Deng, Jingye Cai, Muhammad Umar Aftab, Kashif Hussain Minimizing Vehicle Re-Identification Dataset Bias using Effective Data Augmentation Method
7 Jingqiang Chen, Hai Zhuge News Image Captioning Based On Text Summarization Using Image As Query
12:30 Lunch:   Ground Floor(一楼溢翠廊餐厅)  
Afternoon 13:30-15:00 Session 3 (Chair: Hai Zhuge)  
1 Liu Xiangde, Zhang Yanan, Zhang Yi Path Planning of Multiple Industrial Mobile Robots Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
2 Chen Bo,Zhao Kang, Zhang Bing,Wu Cheng,Ma Changhui,Sui Yuefei The B5-Modalized Propositional Logic
3 Hichem Kmimech, Layth Sliman, Lotfi Nabli GRASP-based Approach for Minimum Initial Marking Estimation in Labeled Petri Nets
4 Wei Hao, Bei Xu Text recommendation based on generalization level of objects
5 HongTao Liu,JinChi Zhu,XueYan Liu,GeGe Li,QiMin Qian,Ning Su,Ning Wang Expansion of Sentiment Lexicon Based on Label Propagation
6 Cuntao Liu, Wendong Zhao, Aijing Li A Mission-oriented Dynamic Distribution Method of Battlefield Situation Information With Knowledge-based Feedback Mechanism
7 Jianru Cao, Bei Xu Automatic wrong-option generation based on confusion degree
8 Karolina K. Dluzniak; Wei Jie; Hai Wang; Wei Xing Key Concepts of group pattern discovery algorithms from spatio-temporal trajectories
10 min Tea Break  
15:10-16:40 Session 4 (Chair: Mengyun Cao)  
1 Mengyun Cao Multidimensional Automatic Evaluation of the Readability for Text Summarization
2 Yuan Gao Effort Towards Combining Graphics, Uncertainty and Semantics: A Survey
3 Jian Zhou Co-Author Recommendation Based on Semantic Link Network
4 Jiazheng Li Utilize the discource relations to segment for summarization
5 Bing Ma Automatic Discovery of Classification Dimensions for Managing Scientific Literature Resources
6  Xiaoping Sun Extracting sentences from scientific papers for automatic survey generation