Please click the url and fill the registration form to register. After register, you will receive an email for further payment information.

For planning purpose, all attendees of the Conference and Workshops are requested to do registration no later than July 30, 2017.

The registration fee for a paper (or none-paper participant) is US$650. The registration fee of all papers are the same. There is no difference between student papers or non-student papers. There is also no difference between regular papers, short papers and workshop papers. (国内代表4300元人民币/篇,如果一人有n篇文章,需要支付4300 × n元注册费;没有文章的代表,参会费用为3000元) .发票为正规注册费或版面费发票,发票类型和抬头请邮件告知

A paper accepted must be registered with payment by July 30, 2017. If an author has n papers accepted, he/she needs to pay n separated registration fees to register ( i.e. US$650 × n ). A paper accepted must be registered with payment by July 30, 2017.
For participants without papers, please send email directly to

Summer School Registration Fee: 1000 RMB.
Summer School will be held on 14 August. Attendance can hear keynotes of well-known experts. Please use skg2017_0000 as paper id to register.

Full payment of the above registration fee entitles the Regular participants to:

    1.    Attendance at the Conference

    2.    Coffee Breaks

    3.    Lunch

    4.    Proceedings of the Conference

    5.    Dinner

    6.    Conference Bag

Summer school fee (one day, without paper submission): 1000RMB

The Method and Confirmation of the Registration:

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Venue (会场地址):

Conference and Workshop Location: Beijing YanShan Hotel Room: 二楼,牡丹厅(2rd Floor, Mudan Room) 位置: 北京 海淀区 中关村大街甲38号 ,近人民大学和当代商城。Tel: 86-10-62563388 Location: No. Jia 38, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian Dist, Beijing, China, Tel: 86-10-62563388