Call for Papers

The International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids is a cross-area international forum on semantic computing, knowledge networking, and advanced computing architectures (Grid, Cloud, Web X.0, CPS, Internet of Things, social network, Big Data, etc.).

The mission of SKG is to promote cross-area research and accelerate the development of relevant areas.

SKG has built its reputation through eleven-year's professional organization. The conference invites well-known experts in diverse areas to present keynotes every year. Submissions come from all over the world. The acceptance rate of regular papers is around 25% every year. In addition to regular papers, the conference will also accept short papers reporting latest research progress or applications.

Semantics, knowledge and Grids represent three streams of understanding humans and the world that humans interact and create. Relevant research concerns all areas of computing, especially web semantics, artificial intelligence, advanced computing infrastructures, and new challenges and technologies (e.g., big data).

We welcome submissions of high quality papers on topics in the general areas of semantic computing, knowledge management, information retrieval, and scalable distributed computing. Inter-disciplinary papers across these areas are of special interest.

BigData and Semantics:
  • Foundations, Analysis, Model, Management, Searching, Mining and Simulation

  • Human & Social-level Intelligence

  • Social Computing and Social Intelligence

  • Cognition and Semantics

  • Emotion, Learning and Brain

  • Multimodal information fusion

  • Interactive Semantics

  • Human & Social -level AI systems and methods

  • Collaborative innovation

  • Web, Web Semantics, Semantic Web, and Services

  • Web Semantics

  • Semantic Web

  • Web Science

  • Semantic Search and Query

  • Semantic Link Network

  • Service Interaction

  • Semantic Interoperability

  • Semantic Visualization and Modeling

  • Semantic Web Mining

Semantic and Knowledge Computing:
  • Semantic Brokering

  • Semantic-based Interface

  • Automatic Semantic Annotation

  • Semantic Web Services

  • Theory and Model of Semantic Grids

  • Ontology and Learning

  • Web2.0 and Collaborative Tagging

  • Semantic P2P

  • Rich Media Semantics

  • Internet/Web of Things

  • Semantic Data Models

  • Knowledge Web, Discovery and Knowledge Grids

  • Web knowledge representation and Reasoning

  • Semantic Knowledge Portals

  • Web Knowledge Discovery

  • Knowledge Discovery

  • Theory and Model of Knowledge Grids

  • Large-Scale Distributed Knowledge Management

  • Ontology Information/ Knowledge/Service Integration

  • Knowledge Flow Network

Internat of Things:
  • Internet-based Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering

  • Computing Infrastructure

  • Cloud Computing

  • Grid Computing

  • Cluster Computing

  • Distributed Computing

  • Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Cyber-Physical Society

  • Software as a Service

  • Grid/Web Ecology

  • Smart Grids

  • Advanced applications

  • Advanced Networking Model

  • Resource Management Models

  • Internet-based Multi-agent Systems

  • Nature-Inspired Computing

  • Autonomous Computing

  • Internet-based Intelligent Applications

  • P2P Computing

  • Self-Organized Intelligence

  • Service Computing

  • Mobile Web and Cloud

  • Social Networks

  • Systems, Tools and Applications

  • Semantics-based Virtual Organization

  • e-culture, e-Science, e-Business

  • e-Learning, e-Government, e-health

  • Mobile Web, Security

  • Sensor networks

  • Energy-Sensitive Mobile Computing

Paper Submissions for SKG 2016

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers that are not being considered for publication in any other forum. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, in PDF format and formatted using the CPS camera-ready templates available at: Word Template or Latex template

Papers cannot exceed 8 pages in length. There is also a short paper track. Both short paper and regular paper are invited for presentation.

Please submit papers through
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