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Report on SKG2008


One World, One Web, One Dream

Jim Hendler, "Linked Data, Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web"
Ramesh Jain, "EventWeb: The Web of Knowledge and Experiences"
Hai Zhuge, "The Web Resource Space Model 2.0"

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Call for papers: Special Issue on Semantic Link

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The International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grid (SKG) is a cross-area international forum on semantic computing, knowledge networking, and grid computing. SKG promotes cross-area research and pushes the development of relevant areas. SKG2008 will be held in Beijing, China.

Themes (include but not limited to)

  • Semantic Web and Semantic Grid

    Semantic Web
    Semantic Search and Query
    Semantic Link Network
    Semantic Normalization
    Semantic Interoperability
    Semantic Visualization and Modeling
    Semantic Web Mining
    Semantic Brokering
    Semantic-based Interface
    Automatic Semantic Annotation
    Semantic Web Services
    Theory and Model of Semantic Grid
    Semantic P2P
    Rich Media Semantics

  • Knowledge Web and Knowledge Grid

    Web knowledge representation and Reasoning
    Semantic Knowledge Portals
    Web Knowledge Discovery
    Knowledge Discovery
    Theory and Model of Knowledge Grid
    Large-Scale Distributed Knowledge Management
    Ontology Information/ Knowledge/Service Integration
    Knowledge Flow
    Internet-based Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering

  • Web Science

  • Advanced Networking Model

    Resource Management Model in Grid
    Internet-based Multi-agent Systems
    Nature-Inspired Computing
    Autonomous Computing
    Internet-based Intelligent Applications
    P2P Computing
    Grid Computing
    Self-Organized Intelligence
    Service-oriented Computing
    Mobile Grid

  • Systems, Tools and Applications

    Semantic-based Virtual Organization
    Grid Security
    Sensor networks and the Grid applications

  • e-Culture or e-HASS(Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences)

    Applications in Humanities
    Applications in Arts
    Applications in Social Sciences